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At last! “The Seventh Generation” is Available

“Love, trust, brotherhood, and betrayal… Championship games, increasingly fragile elders and political approaches, and a story that moves from the 1960s into the new century and carries readers along for a rollicking ride makes for a strong saga especially recommended for readers who relish novels examining American lives.” 

                                                 – Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review
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Shot from the cannon of upheaval that was the 1960s, Ernie the Pro and his Great Lakes hometown are on trajectories that move anything but straight ahead into a new century. “The Seventh Generation” traces the interconnected paths of a popular mayor who struggles with his tragic flaws; three boys who grow up to become leaders; and the fortunes of their city, the embers of whose past “golden age” will give way to the possible birth of the next one. DiGrazie explores the longings of a generation or two of Americans who left the cities and burgs of the Rust Belt for ‘greener pastures.’

“I started reading the book to my wife and son… We were pleasantly surprised by the characters and imagery. Dave creatively wove history, crime, politics, coming of age, and Native American culture into an easy-to-read story with characters you want to know more about. Dave wrote a great story and I hope many more people get to experience it.”

     – Michael F. Rizzo, Buffalo historian/author

                                                                     “This is a strong novel.”

                                                                                           – Portland Book Review

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