Shot from the cannon of upheaval that was the 1960s, Ernie Pronotaro and his Great Lakes hometown are on trajectories that move anything but straight ahead into a new century. “The Seventh Generation” traces the interconnected paths of a popular mayor who struggles with his tragic flaws; three boys who grow up to become leaders; and the fortunes of their city, the embers of whose past “golden age” will give way to the possible birth of the next one. DiGrazie explores the longings of a generation or two of Americans who left the cities and burgs of the Rust Belt for ‘greener pastures.’

October, 2015: Praise is Coming in for “The Seventh Generation”

front coverFellow author and “all things Buffalo” aficionado Michael Rizzo says he read the pre-publication paperback edition of “The Seventh Generation” aloud to his family. Michael, I’m so honored by that, and thankful for your support! By the way, you can check out his books at http://amzn.to/1ZrIZNT.

Here are excerpts of what Michael wrote about “The Seventh Generation:”

“Having written several books on Buffalo history, I was intrigued to see what Dave DiGrazie had put together in his new novel ‘The Seventh Generation.’ I started reading the book to my wife and son… We were pleasantly surprised by the characters and imagery. My son could picture the scenes described and my wife wanted to read it while I was at work, to see where the story went. Dave creatively wove history, crime, politics, coming of age, and Native American culture into an easy-to-read story with characters you want to know more about. His use of history works nicely… by the time the novel was completed, I missed my hometown. Dave wrote a great story and I hope many more people get to experience it.”

Free Reads Available

I’ve got a few pre-publication paperback copies of “The Seventh Generation” that I’m willing to part in exchange for a few readers who won’t be shy to provide feedback. Since this is a story about my hometown (fellow writers get mad at me when I tell them the main protagonist is the city itself, more so than any of the characters), I’d ideally like to ship this off to people who have a real connection to the Buffalo area – either you live there, or you used to. If you’re interested in a free pre-publication paperback copy, just e-mail me: dave@davedigrazie.com. Tell me about your Buffalo area connection, and give me a shipping address.

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