Tallying My Fortune Part 4: Slowing Down Life

Ladies:   Bear with me, there’s something worthwhile (I hope) here.  Guys:  You’ll get this.  What do Michael Jordan, Joe Montana, Wayne Gretzky, and a handful of other elites at their sport, have in common?  They tell us the same things about the “zone;” that state of being when they were their most productive, championship selves.  They say that everything slowed down around them, giving them a heightened ability to see the game, to predict what was going to happen next, and to get themselves, the ball or puck, and even teammates and opposing players, where they needed to be in order to score.

At age 53, I’m on the downside of a pretty undistinguished athletic career.  But over the past several weeks something really cool has happened.  The game of life has slowed down around me.  It’s allowed me to initiate some new conversations, think some new thoughts, start heading in some new directions, feel some new peace.

What is this all about?  Here’s my theory:  I am a recovering “angry guy.”  The angry people in my stories – well, that’s (unfortunately) somewhat “me writing about myself.“  Something happened back in December 2010 – and fortunately no one was really hurt – that convinced this angry old man to get serious about purging the anger.  Who knew that in the process, I’d also start getting younger?

Who knew that as I made progress in my assault against my knee-jerk responses to people and situations, that life would slow down for me and suddenly, I’d start to see it so much more clearly? 

So my goal is to save my anger for the bad guys in my stories!  Guys like, oh, say, crime boss Sam Brocchi.  Because angry guys do have a place in good stories.  But in our everyday lives?  Maybe not so much.

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