Tallying My Fortune: Take 2 (The Herbs)

A small plot of earth, five feet by two feet, on the DiGrazie homestead and in plain view of visitors.  It is a land of not-so-secret treasure.

The DiGrazie family partook of its abundance last night, and the night before.  All it required was a pair of scissors, a little rinse, a paper-towel pat-down, and then clean fingers, separating the leaves and the delicate little flowers from the stalks.

Greek Oregano.  German Thyme.  Thai Basil.  Gracing our family pizza dinner on Memorial Day, and transforming last night’s quick spaghetti, sauce from a jar * and sautéed broccoli dinner into a culinary event.

I am blessed by nations, and the herbs that bear their names.   Their leaves, and especially their blossoms.

* DiGrazie loves to cook but when time and energy are short, you’ve got to know the good off-the shelf products!

2 thoughts on “Tallying My Fortune: Take 2 (The Herbs)

  1. RaeLynn Fry says:

    A very eclectic pizza. Sounds delicious!

    1. dave says:

      I’ll tell you what RaeLynn – when you sell the book and we arrange your big DC signing tour, you and the love of your life simply must come and sample!

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