A New (Female) Voice

The protagonist is a thirteen year old girl whose guy pal has been re-created by a very evil team as a GEB (genetically-engineered boy). He’s identical to the real guy except for a slight difference in his eye color – so our hero has to be close in order to tell the difference. Her only weapon to save herself from the evil GEB is a special megaphone that can make people – including the GEB – temorarily deaf. The whole thing takes place around Monterey, California because we need mountains, forests and beaches. Cool, yeah?

My latest short story? My idea for a new novel series or screenplay? Nope. It’s my eighth-grade daughter, sharing with me her excitement for the story she’s getting ready to write. Not even a school assignment. She just wants to do it!

My daugher is quick to assure me that the “guy pal” is not a boyfriend, just a friend. (I think I know the guy she’s basing this on. He’s okay, properly afraid of me…)

Following in her dad’s footsteps. If she follows through and the story is good, I just might have to post it!

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