Pizza Video – Tell Us Your Own Secrets!

Pizza makes the world go ’round. When you can put your own personal signature on one, well that’s special.

There’s many ways to get pizza right – my video is just a starting point. It’s fun, easy, healthy, economical, and fast. It would be great to know I helped with your own unique pizza journey.

After all, when you’re hosting your book club to discuss a great book (maybe one of mine??) you want a great-tasting and easy-to-prepare feast for all to enjoy, yeah?

I’ve been making pizza in restaurants and at home since 1972. I used to think I knew it all. But my pal Rocco, who you may already know from the video, has taught me humility. (He blew me away once with a pizza he wood-fired on his Weber grill!) He says I should listen to all of your stories and ideas about pizza. So, I hope you’ll try the technique I suggest in my video, and then come back to this page and share your own pizza wisdom.

To good food, and good reading!

One thought on “Pizza Video – Tell Us Your Own Secrets!

  1. Karen says:

    Awesome video….very good tips and funny too! Tomorrows dinner is going to be some home made pizzas! Fun for the whole family……we all make our own individual pizza and enjoy some time together. I’ll let you know how they turned out using your awesome tips!

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