Playing December Blogging Catchup

I’ve been wanting to post; so many cool things going on but not very much time for the blog!  So here’s the quick summary of DiGrazie’s life highlights lately:

  • Von Lagerhaus- the paperback – ships tomorrow!  I’m excited and hope you are, too.  You can buy either the paperback or e-book by clicking here.
  • See John Play is with my editor.  That will be released this coming April, if all goes according to plan.  And it will – I’m a project manager… (OK, that means it might come in late…)
  • Did someone say pizza?  Look for my YouTube kitchen show, coming soon.  In it, I share secrets about the sweet science.  No, not boxing, Rocco.  Making great, fast, healthy pizza in your own kitchen.
  • Last week attended a very uplifting benefit dinner in downtown DC for International Justice Mission (IJM).  Sixpence None the Richer performed three songs!  When I saw her take the stage, I wondered whether I had been standing next to Leigh Nash for a few minutes during the reception before dinner and didn’t even recognize her… and yes, I’m a fan.
  • Check out the new photo on my bio page.  Festive, yeah?

If you’re here, I appreciate you!  Hope you have lots to smile about as December continues to hurtle us toward a new year.

2 thoughts on “Playing December Blogging Catchup

  1. dave says:

    Tell you what Mickey, I’ll write about the ’78 Yankees and Red Sox when you write about the 2004 ALCS when your Beloved Bombers blew a 3-0 series lead!!

    (I don’t hate the Yankees, really, I don’t…)

  2. mickey mantle says:

    When r u writing a book a about the way Bucky Dent ended the dreams of your beloved 1978 Red Sox?

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