Year-End Thanks

For me, 2011 has been “Year 1” in many ways, some of which I won’t get into here.  For my wife and I, it’s been Year 20 (Year 22 if you count the ones before we were married).  It’s not the first year I was serious about writing stories; in that sense, this is actually something like Year 15.

But this year, in part due to some changes in other parts of my life that I could never have forecast on Jan 1, 2011, I published my first novel.  And some of you are buying it.  Wow.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

One of the best results of all this is that earlier today I sent $85 each to the three charities I’ve been telling everyone would share in 15% of the net proceeds of my book sales:  International Justice Mission, Fisher House, and Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  If you’re part of the growing little tribe that’s purchased Von Lagerhaus, you mean a lot not only to me, but also to defenseless (and often very young) victims of human slavery; to families of veterans who have sacrificed the lives of their family members to the human tragedy of war; and to the millions of women and their loved ones whose lives have been turned upside down by breast cancer.

I’ll share a little personally:  I think in 2012 I’ll need to go back to some other kind of work (unless Spielberg, you’re out there and want to turn Von Lagerhaus into a movie!  and yes I think a movie would be cool…) – but I also know that I’ve launched a new life direction, with this first book, that will never be put back in the box.  The wheels are already turning for the release of “See John Play” in April (the world will embrace Connie Kaminski and if the world is fortunate, she may embrace back!), and a select few of you know about the science-fictiony “Translucence” which could be novel #3 unless the story that has been keeping me up nights lately wedges its way into place as the third book.

I’m a very realistic person.  Right now I’m a blip on the world’s literary radar, and a small blip at that.  I don’t know what the future holds for me and my crazy books.  But I know that yesterday, when I learned that the 100th paperback copy of Von Lagerhaus sold, I felt a glow.  Thank you for your support, everyone.

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