Life is Cool but Sages Suffer Setback

It really is – and they really did.  This past week, I was in a graduate class taught by a professor that quite a few of you have probably heard of.  One of those guys who, if I tell you who he is, he’d have to kill me.  Nah, he won’t.  His name is Steve Brown, and I think he knows a lot about our friend Mr. Von Lagerhaus.

Today I spent a couple hours looking at all my editor’s suggestions on how to make See John Play, which is already quite a rocking story, even better.  That is cool.  We writers tend to fall in love with our own writing, and that’s dangerous.  When we think we can’t make it any better, it’s a sure sign we need to put it away for a couple of weeks and then look at it with fresh eyes.  However, at some point it’s time to show it to the world.  I’ve been wrestling with this story since October, 2009 (that’s right, BEFORE the Tiger Woods scandal).  So it’s coming out in April, just like I’ve said all along.

I also spent about 6 hours (not bad for a Friday) on my new professional gig outside of writing:  management consultant to non-profits.  Which is cool.  I get to choose which causes to support, and work at things I can put my heart into.  Today was mostly spent on an organization that assists people who are recovering from mental illness, and another organization that provides all kinds of great (and free) expert support to people who are in professional transition and need retraining, encouragement, and brush up on job-seeking skills.

In an hour, I get to meet with my own version of the Sages – 5 guys who get together 3 or 4 times per year to hold each other accountable.  You know what that means:  Yeah, I’ll be eating some wood-grilled salmon and drinking a nice, hoppy IPA.

In all of the coolness, though, the Sages of Westwood got neglected this week.  I think I hear them booing me, their creator.  But I’m not worried.  They’ll wait, and when I’m working on their story I’m sure they’ll be cheering for me to do a really good job in bringing them to life.

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