Get Ready For a Hot Summer

I haven’t consulted the Farmer’s Almanac; nor have I scoured Weatherbug and similar sites for data. But I’m encouraging everyone I know to prepare for a hot summer.  An enjoyable one, too.

Plenty of reasons to think Summertime 2012 will be off the charts.  Already, some bulbs we normally don’t see til March are poking through the soil.  I’ve seen more sun already this February than in the last 3 Februaries combined.  And have you noticed that for the first time in awhile, Tiger is getting his game together?  You may boo or cheer him loudly; he’s an interesting discussion.  Before you know it, Golfing Nation will be gathering before their favorite electronic devices to see The Masters, and who will win the green jacket this year.

And – what a season it will be for a golf story that’s queued up for an April release.  It’s “See John Play,” featuring auburn-haired Connie Kaminski and John, her story-telling, crowd-pleasing, studly PGA husband.

They look like an American dream come true:  He’s handsome and magnetic; she’s um… delicious?  And their 3-year old Laurie is adorable.  But did I mention that he’s got some character flaws?  And that her friends and relatives – even her parents!  – want her to ditch him?

And then, to complicate things further, his professional career takes an unexpected turn this summer.  Oh, did I mention there’s a bad guy starting to seriously wreck his life?  And a good guy or two taking an interest in hers?

When I get my act together, which needs to be real soon, See John Play will have a nice page of its own on this site!

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