SFWC Aftermath: Pizza Guy Comfort Food

How we roll at the DiGrazie house when it’s Dad’s night to cook

After several nights being shown some of San Francisco’s best-kept culinary secrets by my California writing friend the Chief Imagination Officer, I needed to keep the quality of my food intake high.  So on Tuesday night back in my East Coast, USA kitchen, I told the wife and kids it would be pizza night.

I simply must share the specs.  This beauty is on a Boboli crust, topped with olive oil, Tesoro tomatoes (“tesoro” is Italian for “sweetheart” and the tomatoes did not disappoint), onions, green and red peppers, and my homemade Italian sausage.  The sausage is so easy to make!  And of course, plenty of romano and mozzarella, and fresh basil.

The beer is Bass Ale, and the pint glass bears the lovely imprint of the stellar Dogfish Head brewery in Delaware.  The only thing that could have made dinner better was if it were to celebrate cracking the NY Times Bestseller’s list!

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