John Did Not Want to Party

John Kaminski challenging me at the door of his Fort Mitchell, Kentucky home

Did I mention that on the way back East from the San Francisco Writer’s Conference just a few weeks ago, I dropped into Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Int’l Airport and made the short drive to Fort Mitchell to check in on the Kaminski  family?  Soon their lives will be exposed to the world, when “See John Play” is released.  I wanted to make sure they were ready.

John stood blocking the door.  I’m not a short man, and I had to look up to him.   He wasn’t too keen on letting me into the house and I wasn’t going to physically challenge him, so the whole conversation took place on at the front door.

“You’ve got some nerve, showing up here.  You stay away from my wife and kid!” That was his reaction when he answered the doorbell.

“Johnny,” I replied.  “It’s me, Dave!  I’m not Sam or one of his goons.  Lighten up!”

“I know who you are,” he replied.  “What you wrote put us in danger.  You upset our lives.  I could’ve lost my little girl because of you!”

“But Johnny,” I said, backpedaling.  “Look, it’s all over and we’re both here, safe.   By the way, why are you still here in Fort Mitchell?  You know, you could get yourself a bigger place…”

“It was your idea to introduce my wife to the guy from Indianapolis,” he accused.  “It’s because of you that bad things happened to us.”

“Johnny, I created you.  Go easy on me.  If it weren’t for my imagination, you wouldn’t even be standing here.”

Authors get into these conversations with their characters sometimes.  John, you see, has some character flaws.   When I met him, he preferred to keep a lot of his comings and goings to himself so that his wife Connie wouldn’t find out where he was and who he was with.  And yes, I did blow his cover.  So I guess I can understand why he never did let me into the house.

I did manage to ask him how his golf game is these days, and he brightened.  When he’s able to concentrate, the man plays with magnificence.  Maybe you’ve seen him on television – or not.  Well, you can catch him soon on the pages of “See John Play.”

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