We Do Judge a Book by its Cover

Friends, Romans, countrymen. Lend me your eyes! Some of you told me the cover I designed on my own for “See John Play” was a loser! I liked my cover! But your opinion matters to me so I’m soliciting your comments. Here’s how the new one is shaping up:

We're still tweaking, but you can see where the ball is landing. Click to see a larger image. Have I managed to find the fairway?

The verdict on cover #1 wasn’t even close. I had 14 “thumbs down,” to only 3 “thumbs up.” And one of those thumbs up, was mine! For those of you into demographic breakdowns, men voted down the first cover by 5 to 2, while women downed my effort by a crushing 9 to 1! (no jokes, please…)

The new effort is the result of a couple weeks of collaboration between me, my wife (whose own artistic escapades I will soon begin to spotlight), and Sarah Billington, an Australian book design maven whose cover art captured my interest when I started to search for a pro.  Sarah’s been great to work with; and we’ll perfect some of the little things, such a brighter red for the word “Play” so it’s not hard to read.

(My friends Steve DeVries and Sam White, get the award for “most thought-provoking ways to suggest I needed to get a pro.” One asked, “Did you actually pay someone, or is this a do-it-yourself?” The other said, “You know, you could also check on the Web for people who know what they’re doing…)

Below, is the original.   If any of you prefer it and don’t think it should join eight track tapes and manual automobile chokes on the trivia heap … you may speak now or forever hold your peace.

Going... going... gone? Click to see it larger.

One thought on “We Do Judge a Book by its Cover

  1. RaeLynn Fry says:

    I LOVE the new cover! Way to go! And as for your friend’s comments on hiring a pro, I couldn’t stop laughing. 🙂 You’re posts are always so much fun to read.

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