Hump Day at BEA

The Wine Guys and I at BEA on Wednesday

Welcome to Wednesday morning, an “almond horn” from a bakery in Grand Central, and a private joke shared through the windshield of an MTA bus whose driver almost hit me as I crossed 8’th Avenue.  He laughed as I scurried to safety. His smile was disarming.  I laughed with him.

Anthony Wessel met me at the coffee bar and our great chat kept him from seeing Neil Young on time!  His Digital Book Today site matches book lovers with authors; and several weeks ago Anthony was my first-ever interviewer.  All my e-pressions of him were confirmed: warm and engaging, but a man’s man – and as smart as they come.  He’s a student of the book biz, an award-winning retail bookseller in a previous professional life.  His bottom line:  If you really want people to read you, you must master the business!

Maggie doesn't look too Sirius here

Then things got Sirius as ever with Maggie Linton and her voice from heaven.  That’s her in the picture, interviewing me about “See John Play.”  She’ll let me know when the interview will air on the Book Channel later this month.  Waited for Maggie with Melissa Steach, recognizable from HGTV, cool acting credits she was too modest to mention, and now as an author.  Dynamic, sharp as a whip, oozing encouragement.  She weaves her very interesting bio into her book.

Here’s how you sell books like the big publishers at a book show: Open bar! Come here, Mr. DiGrazie, and have some wine with us.  It’s a couple of my heroes, Mike DiSimone and Jeff Jenssen!  They’re hamming it up for my camera as they launch a guidebook to the underappreciated wines of South America.  I spent some time with them, learning to appreciate.

Walking back to the train station, I stop off in Bryant Park (so pretty on a sunny June day) and the NYC Library’s outdoor reading room.  Yes, we’d love to receive free donated copies of Von Lagerhaus and See John Play.  Next time the white-haired guy over there comes to play chess in the park, he can also spend some time with his favorite DiGrazie novel…

Bronxville Station.  This post is supposed to have been written Wednesday night but I’ll never get anything done around my fun cousins.  Mike and his wife Margarite are the de facto sindaco e prima donna (unofficial mayor and first lady) of Bronxville, and I met many of their constituents.  We eat, talk, drink, and rehash family history.  I finally stopped laughing sometime early Thursday morning.

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  1. Greg Marcus says:


    Sounds like a blast! I wonder if it is the same bakery in Grand Central we went to last summer. It had the most amazing bagels and breads. I don’t remember if it had pastries too.
    Congrats on a great signing event and the interview. Thanks for sharing the knowledge.

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