A Guest Post: And A Father’s Pride

PREFACE: My daughter Jessie is 14 years old.  She’ll be 15 in January.  I take no credit, have not edited a single character, and will offer no further comment on what you’re about to read.  I will only put one of her sentences in bold font. She wrote it to her friends on Facebook yesterday (oh yes, I do monitor her use of social media as she well knows).  Sometimes I catch her and her friends engaged in pure teenage silliness.  And sometimes, I catch things like this:

“I just watched 9/11 Surfer, a segment on a man who was working in the South or North Tower when the jets were fly into both buildings and when they came down. I’ve never seen any footage of 9/11 before, except a few pictures of the buildings after the planes hit. But watching one of the planes fly into the tower…all I can say is I was shocked, SHOCKED that anyone would want to kill tons of people like that, committing suicide in the process. I cried, I admit to it, it scared me, it came down so fast, and all those people….but what really kills me is that no one in school mentioned it today, not even a moment of silence for the lost ones and their families. So a recap of my last status, please pray (if you do) for the people who lost someone in the attacks, and rest in peace for anyone didn’t survive this terrible tragedy.”

It’s from a few years ago, but this is one of my favorite photos of today’s guest blogger.

3 thoughts on “A Guest Post: And A Father’s Pride

  1. Danny says:

    Jessie, 9/11 was and still is a very sad day. That day will never be forgotten and your school should have remembered. Your thoughts, like you, are special. Your parents have done well.
    Uncle Danny

  2. Well written Jessie, I find it strange 9/11 was never mentioned in your school as it featured on the media here in Europe.

  3. Aunt Carol Kosin says:

    OH Jessie I so did cry all day on the 9-11 things I watched but not as hard I cried reading your blog you are a very special girl and no matter what dad says you you have 2 very special parents i just cant wait to see you guys again. Love Aunt Carol

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