Dave DiGrazie’s journey began in a middle class ethnic neighborhood in Buffalo, New York that had its share of characters.  After cooking (and eating) his way through his high school and college years in his dad’s small restaurants, he became a decorated military officer and then, after several amusing vocational side trips, began to make things up and write them down.  Dave calls Northern Virginia home and lives with three wonderful people – his wife and two children.  He still makes a very mean home-made pizza when he’s not putting his imaginary friends and foes in each others’ way.

Dave’s other interests include super-interesting clean, green technology; history; saving innocent children all over the world from bad guys, and his hometown’s star-crossed professional sports teams.

Dave says Ernie Pronotaro’s life story, which you can follow in The Seventh Generation, bears only the most vague resemblance to his own.


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