Thanks for visiting this page.  Below are step by step instructions for posting an Amazon review on your favorite books.  You do need an account with Amazon to do this; if you’re ever purchased anything through Amazon, you have an account.  This should only take you a couple of minutes, depending on how much time you spend writing your review!

And – if you’re reviewing one of my books, let me again say:  Be honest!  I am grateful for all reviews.

1. Log into just like you are going to buy something.
2. Search by title or author (e.g., See John Play, Von Lagerhaus or Dave DiGrazie) using Amazon’s search box.
3. When your search results come up, click the title of the book you want to review.
4. Scroll down to the customer review section and click on the button labeled, “Write a Customer Review.”
5. Click on the little star (there’s 5 of them in a line) to indicate the number of stars you want to “award” – e.g., if you want to give the book 5 stars, click the star furthest to the right.
6. Write what you thought about the book in the box that says you must provide at least 20 words. 
7. Click “Preview,” and then when you’ve looked over your finished product, click “Publish.” You’re done.